Top 10 Best Beaches In The Dominican Republic, Hand-picked By Locals


When we think of the beaches of the Dominican Republic, only one word comes to mind; Spectacular, undoubtedly a paradise for lovers of sun and sea you will find a perfect place to take a relaxing and enjoyable holiday on the coast corner.

I show you the 10 most beautiful beaches that you must visit if you are in the Dominican Republic, hand-picked by locals.


10. Salinas Beach


Undoubtedly, Salinas is one of the most beautiful and unexplored exotic paradises of the Dominican Republic, located in the capital of the province Peravia and 93 kilometers from Santo Domingo it is undoubtedly one of the pearls of the south It is highly recommended for lovers of photography.

By the magnificent scenery offered by the area and besides the beach, you can visit the sand dunes and the salt mines which is other location preferred for its iconic presentation.

9. Las Terrenas Beach


Would you like know the best beaches in the country?

Just go to the northeast of the Samaná Peninsula, las Terrenas offers kilometers of protected coastline of white sand, surrounded by towering palm trees and fishing boats pastel colors, dirt roads, mud, dust, damp heat beautiful unspoilt beaches, idyllic landscapes, bachata, rum, mixed with the warmth and joy of his people

From Playa Bonita, to Moron Beach, las Terrenas is the perfect place if you are someone who like adventure, and seeing new places.

8. Macao Beach


Located near the famous Punta Cana it is a must if you want to be away from the crowds and large hotels, regarded as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean by UNESCO it is one of the best beaches for surfing or just sit on the sand and watch the surfers riding the waves. The town is small, but fun to explore, offering a vision of a relaxed lifestyle.

7. Dorada Beach


Located just at the foot of the largest all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean in Puerto Plata, Dorada Beach is protected by reefs and offers warm waters his big waves wash the shores with its white foam and the warmth of its waters invites you to enjoy a sunny day full of adventure you will not forget.

Dorada beach has a lot of sea grapes planted around, fruit lovers can take advantage of their stay at the proper time, I used to surf on this beach as a child, my dad rented surfboards in this place many years ago.

6. Sosua Beach


In the same province of Puerto Plata, Sosúa Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic and is worthy of a postcard, turquoise clear waters, with towering cliffs Sosúa placed as one of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean bordered by lush almond trees attracts a lot of visitors each year with so many activities, either shop, eat, snorkel or boating glass bottom it is definitely worth the visit.

5. Juanillo Beach

Considered as the treasure of Punta Cana, Juanillo is another renowned beach by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world translucent waters, pristine sand coconut trees and the best part is that it is not a populous beach, a completely different postcard from the beaches of Bavaro, the sand is so white that it is hard to believe is real.

This beach should definitely be one of the most beautiful in the world, because its natural beauty is a paradigm.

4. Cayo Arena


Cayo Arena, whose real name is Cayo Paradise is a coral island located off the coast of Puerto Plata in Punta Rucia, incredibly beautiful and newly named # 34 among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.

This small island is mired in a beautiful landscape that people think being in a dream Imagine, sunbathing on a small island in the sea surrounded by white sands and crystalline waters, that can you can see the bottom of the sea with amazing sharpness well, literally that’s the beauty of this little island called Cayo Arena.

3. Rincon Beach

© Courtesy of Daniel Garrido-

This beach is one of the many treasures that has Samaná, and has been ranked as one of the top 10 beaches in the world by the prestigious magazine Conde Nast, its fine white sands stretching for about four kilometers keeping the secret and hidden character of the place.

The trip to Playa Rincon is a show in itself and provides enough material throughout the coastal path for spectacular photos, another surprise in Playa Rincon is Caño Frio, a natural lagoon formed by the river mouth full of mangroves and very fresh water, ideal to freshen up after a day spent soaking doing what is best in the Dominican Republic, Chill around.

2. Cayo Levantado


Located at the entrance to the Bay of Samaná, and also known as Bacardi Island, Cayo Levantado is an island of just 1 square kilometer of tropical Caribbean environment It is surrounded by two very beautiful beaches, with sloping towards the crystal-clear waters’ verdant gardens and bucolic trails through a small rainforest full of coconut trees.

These beaches are a favorite of Dominicans for a picnic, but you should avoid them during weekends since the island is tiny and fills up quickly.

1.Bahia de las Aguilas (Eagles Bay)

Unlike most beaches of the Dominican Republic, who have experienced an explosion of tourism in recent years, Bahia de las Aguilas is a completely isolated place and has absolutely no construction around it.

The bay is also considered part of the Jaragua National Park and its waters contain an abundance of wildlife, from a wide variety of fish to catch up starfish and lobsters Caribbean. 400 species of birds, many pelicans and eagles are observed hence the name Bahia de las Aguilas.

A paradise reminiscent of some islands of Thailand, with its crystal-clear water, cliffs and rocky islets, this is the Bahia de las Aguilas, virgin of all construction as far as the eye can see.

These were the 10 best beaches in the Dominican Republic, selected by locals, if you are interested in knowing more about the beaches in the country, you might be interested in reading about the 10 best beaches in Punta Cana and also the best beaches in Bayahibe.

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