Top 6 Products by Region In The Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is a small island, but for such a small island it has enormous diversity, because, in each region of the Dominican Republic, there are different characteristics of land, climate, and ecosystem, which allows each region to stand out in the production of agricultural products.

This is something well known by the Dominicans, each region of the country has one or more star products, becoming even among the best products in the world.

¿Which are these regions and which are the best Dominican products of each region?


1-Barahonero Plantain

The Barahona plantain is famous throughout the Dominican Republic and most probably internationally. Barahona is a province located in the south of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is the world’s largest producer of organic bananas, representing more than 55% of the world’s organic banana production.

The plantain could be considered as the most consumed agricultural food in the Dominican Republic, I have no data to affirm this assertion, but I have no doubts.

The Barahonero plantain is considered in the country as the best banana, so much so, that in the stores they promote it with that name because of

The softness in the texture of the Barahona plantain and its size allows elaborating the best mangú, thanks to the alluvial soils of the Yaque del Sur River.

2- Mango banilejo

Are you familiar with the mango fruit? if not, you are probably missing out on tasting the best fruit in the whole world, seriously, of all the fruits I have ever tasted in my life, mango is probably the best, especially the banilejo mango.

Baní is the head municipality of the province of Peravia in the Dominican Republic. It is located in the Peravia Valley, approximately 65 kilometers southwest of Santo Domingo.

The Banilejo mango is one of the most popular native cultivars among Dominicans, due to its quality characteristics (flavor, smell, size) and precocity in production, Not only popular among Dominicans but mango banilejo is also exported to other countries around the world, personally, it is my favorite fruit of all.

3- Coffee, Polo De Barahona

Coffee is one of the most important agricultural products in the Dominican Republic, in a conversation in which I was involved a few days ago, I heard a person say that the city of Barahona produces the best coffee in the country and one of the best coffees in the world, with international fame.

In the research that I did for this topic, I was able to verify that there are many provinces in the Dominican Republic that produce a good quality of coffee because they have the characteristics of land and climate to produce this product.

4- Cocoa, Northeast region

The Dominican Republic is the number one country in world imports of cocoa, most of the cocoa exported by the country is in beans, cocoa is grown in different cities and regions of the country.

The communities in the Northeast that harvest cocoa are: San Francisco de Macorís, Pimentel, Castillo, Hostos, Cotuí, Fantino, Villa Rivas, Nagua, El Factor, Río San Juan, Sánchez, Las Terrenas and Samaná.

The main cocoa harvest takes place during the months of March, April, May, June and July and the minor harvest occurs during the months of November, December and January.

5- Tobacco, Santiago,Cibao Region

The best tobacco in the country is grown in the interior of the Dominican Republic, where the Cibao Valley is located, which happens to be one of the largest tobacco plantations in the world and whose expert harvesters have been working the tobacco plant with excellence for centuries, obtaining a superior quality product.

In fact, Santiago, which is the largest city in the north of the Dominican Republic, is considered the cigar capital of the world, the center of major cigar production, as it has multiple tobacco factories.

6- Avocado, Altamira

The Dominican Republic is the world’s second-largest avocado producer and eighth largest exporter, the avocado is one of the most popular and consumed organic products in the Dominican Republic, as well as one of the most imported and produced products in the country.

The regions of the country where most of the fruit is produced are Altamira, Moca, San Cristóbal, Baní, Ocoa, Mao, La Romana, Montecristi, Duvergé and Elías Piña. The first commercial avocado plantations were established in Altamira, Guananico and Moca.

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