The 7 Best Beaches Of Bayahibe and its Surroundings


Bayahibe is a municipal district of the San Rafael del Yuma municipality, located in the southwest of the La Altagracia province of the Dominican Republic. It is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, approximately 16 kilometers east of the city of La Romana.

Bayahibe is an indigenous word, whose meaning is not known with certainty. However, many claims that their name is derived from the words “Berry” which means a bivalve mollusk that sticks to the rocks and roots of mangrove trees, and “Jibe” or “Hibe” which is a sieve used by the natives to sift cassava flour.

Bayahibe began as a fishing village but is now known as one of the most popular tourist places in the east of the Dominican Republic.

Water sports such as diving and underwater fishing are very popular in Bayahibe, as it is known as one of the best places to dive in the Dominican Republic.

Bayahibe is famous for its calm, crystalline, and warm waters, here I show you the best beaches of Bayahibe and its surroundings.


1.Bayahibe Beach

Starting the list of the best beaches of Bayahibe, there is the beach of the same name, with about 600 meters of white sands, bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, without waves and shallow, surrounded by lush nature and beautiful scenery coral reefs where to snorkel.

Although it is the same beach, it is divided into two zones, the first half is part of a hotel complex, while the second, closer to the town of Bayahibe, is a public beach.

In the latter area, you can find some beach bars and small shops that offer souvenirs. They are also part of the landscape, numerous boats docked in the sands, usually ready to go on an excursion to the neighboring islands.

2.Dominicus Beach

Dominicus Beach is located just 5 kilometers from Bayahibe and is often referred to as the true tourist hub of the area. It has approximately 1.5 kilometers of beaches, characterized by its white sands, crystal clear waters, and huge coconut trees.

Along the coastal edge of Dominicus, there are several resorts and hotel complexes with their own private beaches, in addition to a public beach area of no more than 100 meters in length, with some beach bars and colorful craft shops.

The Bayahibe Lighthouse, located at the end of the public beach, is the typical postcard of the area.

3.Palmilla Beach

Located in the National Park of the East in front of the Saona Island, it corresponds to one of the best beaches of Bayahibe to enjoy nature, with endless coconut groves, in an area virtually unaltered by the action of man, requiring boats to be able to access it.

It has kilometers of white sands, turquoise waters and extensive coral reefs, ideal for snorkeling and diving. On this beach, tourist infrastructures are extremely simple, with only a few picnic areas and a chaise-longue for those who visit during the day.

4.Saona Island

Part of the National Park of the East, corresponds to the largest among the islands of the Dominican Republic, famous for its natural wonders and paradisiacal beaches, only accessible through boats that leave from the Port of Bayahibe.

Along the island, there are many beaches, all characterized by its white sands and turquoise waters, where you can snorkel among amazing coral reefs.

As one of the most famous excursions in the area, it is usually full of tourists, so it is necessary to move away to more hidden places, such as the paradise of Canto de la Playa, to fully enjoy its beauty.

5.Minitas Beach

To continue the tour of the best beaches of Bayahibe and its surroundings, it is necessary to travel 25 kilometers to the west of the Dominican Republic, arriving at the exclusive Casa de Campo tourist complex in La Romana, where the beautiful Minitas beach is located.

This beach of no more than 300 meters long, has white sands, turquoise waters, and typical Caribbean postcard environments, with huge coconut trees and lush vegetation on the edge of the sands. Given its exclusivity and private character, it is a quieter beach in the area.

6.Caleta Beach

A little further away, approximately 30 kilometers from Bayahibe is Caleta Beach in La Romana, known for its authentic Caribbean atmosphere, being the true beach of the locals, with several bars where you can enjoy a drink and popular food stalls facing the sea.

It has an extension of approximately 300 meters, with rocky sands, transparent waters and coconut palms. They complement its landscape, numerous boats docked in the sands and the neighboring Catalina Island off the coast.

While it is possible to bathe, this beach is not the best for this, being rather an alternative to enjoy the local culture.

7.Catalina Island

In front of Caleta beach, you will find this paradisiacal Caribbean island, known as one of the best places for diving in the Dominican Republic.

It has a spectacular geological formation known as El Muro, which with more than 100 meters deep and terraces at various levels, makes a home to immense marine biodiversity.

Also a few meters from Catalina Island, you will find the remains of one of Captain Pirad’s pirate ships, one of the most legendary privateers in history.

Catalina Island has three main beaches, the West, North, and East, being only the first open to tourism, with white sands and crystal clear waters, where you can snorkel just meters from the coast.

As a protected area, Catalina Island does not have human settlements, being only possible to visit during the day through excursions that leave from La Romana.

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  1. steve zak says:

    Is there a public bus that goes between Santo Domingo and Bayahibe? I’m having hard time finding anything about this. How do you get between these two cities using public transport. Thanks.

    1. Elvis Alcequiez says:

      Hi Steve,
      To get to Bayahibe from Santo Domingo by public transportation you must first go to the bus stop that goes to La Romana.

      This bus stop called “Parada Santo Domingo La Romana SICHOEM” is located on Duarte Avenue, in front of Enriquillo Park.

      If you know any Spanish I will leave the phone number for you to call, the schedules have changed a bit due to the pandemic (809) 550-0069.

      To Duarte avenue you can get there by cab or Uber, be careful walking on Duarte avenue, it is a commercial avenue, many pickpockets in the area.

      Once on the bus, tell the bus driver or conductor that you are going to Bayahibe, so they will drop you off at the bus stop that will take you from La Romana to Bayahibe.

      If you don’t speak Spanish, at least learn the word “Bayahibe”, the driver will understand you.

      The bus fare is very cheap, and the buses are comfortable, some even have wi-fi.

      I hope I have helped you.

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