Grand Palladium Punta Cana Complex, Restaurants and Drinks Recommendations

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The Grand Palladium Complex is one of the great resorts of Punta Cana. With a privileged location in the heart of Playa Bavaro, it is formed by four hotels: Bávaro, Palace, Punta Cana and the exclusive The Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium.

Regardless of the area you have chosen, you can enjoy the facilities and services of the rest except those of the Royal Zone. The Grand Palladium Punta Cana shares all its facilities and services with the Grand Palladium Bávaro and Grand Palladium Palace hotels. This means that you have at your disposal a lot of restaurants and buffets, as well as a lot of bars.

You have several swimming pools (4) and another one exclusively for adults.
In short, it has everything that these resorts usually offer (disco, gym, spa-paid-, 2 theaters, casino, shops, sports courts, a 24-hour bar and you have free wifi in the lobbies).

They offer many free activities, you can enjoy various non-motorized water sports for free: windsurfing kayaks, katamarán (you need to have the technical knowledge to handle them). all the activities and games raised by animation are also free, as well as the use of sports courts

Grand Palladium complex count on 8 Exclusive Restaurants for dinner. Without previous reservation:

La Adelita Restaurant
Tapeo Restaurant
Sumptuori Restaurant
Rodizio Restaurant
Trattoria restaurant
Mare Nostrum Restaurant
Bamboo Restaurant

5 Buffet Restaurants:

Arrecife Restaurant
La Torre restaurant
Behique Restaurant
Bohio Restaurant
Cathedral Restaurant

Palladium restaurant outdoors

Except for the Royal suite, Palladium Hotels share buffets and restaurants and also all other facilities (lobbies, swimming pools, bars, beach areas, theaters, etc.). In the a la carte restaurants, in principle you should not book, you go and if there is room you can pass and if there is not, they give you a beeper or alarm that vibrates and turns on when your table is ready, meanwhile, you can Be at the nearest bar having a drink.

Although in some of the most demanded restaurants (the Japanese teppanyaki tables or the Steak House) it seems that it is convenient to go in advance before booking.

The biggest buffet in Bavaro is the Cathedral, for dinner and breakfast, but to eat, the Arrecife and Bohio are the greatest one, these restaurants are near the beach, if you are located at the outermost tables, you receive the sea breeze while you eat and at the same time, you contemplate the Sea between the palm trees, and apart from its location and views, it also has a very good offer.

bohio restaurant

Can you go to Palladium’s restaurants in shorts?

At dinner, you can go with long pants, shirts, t-shirts and dress shorts. What they don’t let you do is go in with a swimsuit, beach shirts or tank tops and flip flops.

Grand Palladium buffet and beverage recommendations

It is advisable to look at the menus of all the restaurants that are usually exposed in the lobbies and based on your tastes, choose the right one for you. Try to vary, the Palladium has a huge offer and you have to take advantage of it.

And on the best drinks with alcohol and without alcohol, this can also depend on the tastes of each person, you have the Hemingway Bar that serves premium drinks, Ron lovers are recommended Barceló Imperial, which is one of the best Dominican rum. For women, a recommendation is Mimosa (orange juice with cava). In the Hemingway, you also have a good offer of cocktails, the B-52 is the favorite of many.

In the bars of all the bars, you will have Dominican rums such as Brugal Añejo and Barceló Añejo, also other well-known international drinks (Martini, gin Bombay, Eristoff vodka, etc.).

Drinks without alcohol you have also to choose from: machine sodas, slushies, juices, something very typical is to ask a gardener to get you a coconut (it does not hurt to thank the gesture with a tip) and then take the coconut to a bar where already have confidence and tell the waiter that you prepare something special inside the coconut (with or without alcohol, that’s what you choose).

La parrila steak house, one of the most recommended restaurants in Palladium

As for buffets, I must comment that everyone has the same food unless they make it themed at some dinner and dedicate it to a specific country such as Dominican, Mexican, Oriental dinner, etc, but basically, everyone has the same.

As for breakfast, it is advisable to go to the nearest one, there are the behique, the towers or the Cathedral, the latter is the largest but the three are huge. As for lunches are the Behique, the Bohio, and the Arrecife, these last two are next to the beach and because of their physiognomy they could be more attractive, there are some tables very close to the sea on the Arrecife that is great to have lunch there seeing those shades Turquoise of that beautiful sea.

The behique is very spacious and for hot days it is very good because it has air conditioning, the others are not. For dinner, you have buffets too but you have an infinite number of a la carte restaurants to try.

Palladium Restaurant

Among the most common recommendations of users is the Steak House, a restaurant specializing in meat. Japanese is also highly recommended, a la carte food and you also have teppanyaki tables where fun and entertainment show about the quality of food.

You will also love to go to the beach barbecue at least one night (you must book at the reception). Dinner is simple, the typical barbecue (hamburgers, kebabs, skewers of vegetables, sausages, etc.) where you can dine on the beach, among the trees, and with the sea breeze.

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