How Much Money Should You Bring To The Dominican Republic?


When things are done with planning the uncertainties and unforeseen events are minor, so it is very important when planning your trip to make an estimated budget of the maximum you could spend in your chosen destination.

You must consider different factors apart from the value of the ticket, the number of days of your stay, the region you will visit, the hotel you will stay in, the attractions you want to know, the food and transfers, it is ideal that know all these aspects before starting your trip so that nothing takes you by surprise.

Here, you can find information related to the prices of the most basic services which will allow you to get an idea of the money required on your trip.

If you want to know more about money management in the Dominican Republic, I wrote another interesting topic about the currency and money exchange.


How much cash should you bring to the Dominican Republic?

The amount of money you need to bring to the Dominican Republic will depend a lot on the number of days and the activity you will do in the country, if you come to an “all-inclusive” resort up to the US $20 per day is more than enough, that For tips and purchases of details.

If you plan to stay in a moderate hotel and manage your own expenses of US $40 to $80 per day you will be fine, as long as the hotel you choose is not five stars.

What is the average income in the Dominican Republic?

The average income in the Dominican Republic is currently 12,000 Dominican pesos per month, the equivalent of US $ 240, most Dominicans adjust to living spending US $ 8 a day or less.

Do you tip at all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic?

The tip is not mandatory in all-inclusive resorts, tipping in the Dominican Republic is considered a gesture of goodwill, since, in establishments such as restaurants and bars, the tip is included in the bill.

You can tip in the resorts if so You want it, or if you feel that you have received very good service, but it is unnecessary to do it every time you are treated.

How much is a meal in the Dominican Republic?

Basic meal service in intermediate restaurant costs between 150 and 200 Dominican pesos, the equivalent of US $3 or 4 dollars, breakfast and dinner can be a little cheaper, costing approximately 100 to 150 Dominican pesos, the equivalent at US $2 or 3 dollars, with 8 dollars you can eat three meals moderately in a full day.

Transportation and Arrival in the Dominican Republic

Previously, upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, an entrance fee to the country was paid at a cost of US $10, this was called a “tourist card”, but that changed since April 25, 2018, according to the general tax address Dominican Republic interns, and air tickets include this rate, so you do not have to pay anything on arrival at the airport.

Anyway, for you to feel more secure at your entrance to the country, you must bring at least US $ 10 dollars, just in case.

A stay must be paid if you plan to spend over 30 days in the country, this is equivalent to about US $125, from 31 days to 3 months of stay, and the amount varies according to the length of the stay from more than three months.

In the Dominican Republic, there are eight international airports, although the three main ones are:

Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ): in the country’s east, people arriving in Punta Cana, La Romana and the cities near the east arrive at this airport.

International Airport of the Americas (SDQ): this is the main airport, in Santo Domingo, the capital of the country, it is reached by people bound for Santo Domingo and downtown cities.

Cibao International Airport (STI): In the country’s north, people arrive in Santiago, Puerto Plata, and cities in the north.

Which Airport to choose to travel to the Dominican Republic?

The most convenient airport will depend on the area where you are heading from the country, for those who come to Punta Cana, Bavaro, La Romana, the airport of Punta Cana is the most convenient.

Usually this airport the airfare fare it is cheaper compared to the international airport of the Americas maybe this is because the airport of Punta Cana has more frequent travel today, but if your destination is Santo Domingo, do not be tempted to come through the airport from Punta Cana.

Because the distance between the airport of Punta Cana and Santo Domingo is about 200 KM (2 hours 44 minutes) and what you save on a ticket you could pay for it by land transport.

The cost of transportation from Punta Cana airport to Santo Domingo and vice versa costs approximately US $150.

In Santo Domingo there is also the Uber service, the fare of an Uber from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana is around US $100, but I must tell you that not all drivers will accept that travel request because they would have to make a journey of I return alone and without general additional gain.

It is difficult to find another trip to Punta Cana / Santo Domingo I was an Uber driver a while ago and I think I would not accept such a trip.

The cost of transportation from the international airport of the Americas to Santo Domingo is approximately US $30. Uber is also an option that works at the airport of the Americas and its average cost US $20.

To Rent a Car in the Dominican Republic

It is a good option for those who like to discover for themselves and enjoy an unlimited time of the different tourist sites, although some knowledge of the city is required. The rental of a vehicle can cost US $20 per day.

If you travel with children, make sure that the vehicle you rent has a seat for infants, and if you are bothered by small cars, they have the advantage that the fuel efficiency is better and their rental cost is less.

Public Transport in the Dominican Republic

This is the most economical transportation option in the city, but I do not recommend it, the cost of the passage on an urban route is approximately US $0.5.

You must have a lot of knowledge of the city, besides the public transport in the Dominican Republic is unfortunately not of better attractions, it is very saturated and the cars mostly deteriorate.

Do not use public transport unless you want to live an extreme experience, or give yourself a “village bath” (“baño de pueblo” in Spanish: it is a phrase we use here that means getting in very close and direct contact with people in the streets)

Taxis in the Dominican Republic

Taxis is one of the most traditional and safest forms of transport in the city, although traditional taxis are being displaced by digital transport platforms: Uber, Cabify, Indriver.

I must say that in the Dominican Republic you will not find taxis in the streets like in other cities of the world, here you must previously call taxi agencies to request a service, or you can use Uber, Cabify or Indriver which are the services of digital transport that work at the moment in some cities of the Dominican Republic.

In Santo Domingo, these service platforms work very well, but they don’t work in every city in the country, currently Uber works in Santo Domingo, San Pedro and la Romana, but not Punta Cana.

A transfer within the same region or area by taxi can cost US $ 2 to 3 depending on the route or distance traveled.

The Subway in the Dominican Republic

A very economical and safe option for traveling in Santo Domingo, has several lines of services, allowing the transfer of several tourist attractions such as the Colonial Quarter, Shopping Centers, and the Malecon, but you need to have knowledge of the city since the stops are pre-established and the service lines intersect, even for the same Dominicans sometimes it is a bit confusing to make the transfer from one line to another.

For now, Santo Domingo is the only city in the Dominican Republic with a subway system.

It could be a wonderful experience to use the subway if you visit Santo Domingo, a cable car was recently opened, you could have an interesting and economical view of some neighborhoods in the city.

The value of a round-trip ticket is around US $0.5. If you want to know the city more thoroughly and use the subway, try to be accompanied by a trusted local native who knows the city.

Lodging in the Dominican

In the City of Santo Domingo, it is easy to find different options in regard to lodging, depending on the economic preference you have.

Very expensive and luxurious hotels such as the Marriot, Continental Real Santo Domingo, and the Sheraton excellent international reputation and with many attractions and services that allow tourists to feel at home.

The cost per night in these five-star hotels ranges from US $130 to $200.

Also, you can find hotels with very good service and more workable prices such as the Villa Colonial hotel and the Weston Suite Hotel, in the Colonial Center just minutes from the International Airport and the main historical monuments. As for the price of one night they are around US $60 to $95.

Another fabulous option for more modest budgets, with prices from the US $45 to $70 per night, are the hostels and pensions attended by their own owners and with a more welcoming service.

Among the busiest is the Casa Madrigal, with Wi-Fi services, a swimming pool, and located very close to The Agora Mall my favorite mall in the city) and the TAU Casa Conde, just 400 meters from the model market and 1 km from the Port and Malecon of Santo Domingo.

If your tourist destination is Punta Cana, because this is the main tourist destination of the island which makes the price of services more expensive.

Staying one night at a Five Star Resort such as Paradisus By Meliá or Excellence would be worth between the US $320 and 450.

As for the other regions of the country such as Las Terrenas in the Samana Peninsula, you can find various lodging options with prices for much purchasing power from hostels for the US $17 per night to five-star hotels with a cost per night of $420.

I will make a more complete and detailed topic about it soon.

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