The Best Places To Dive In The Dominican Republic

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The Best Places To Dive In The Dominican Republic

Bayahibe, Catalina Island, Las Galeras and Sosua are included among the best destinations for diving in the country. The Dominican marine ecosystem is considered one of the most beautiful and complete in the world, composing in each of its underwater corners a true spectacle of colors and shapes, with a diversity difficult to find.

Diving is an underwater activity that can be done for recreational, investigative or sports purposes. It consists of entering the water and submerging the entire body. Therefore, in general, it is developed with the help of some kind of equipment that enables the diver not to go out to the surface to breathe.

In the Dominican Republic there are many places where you can enjoy sport diving, which is mostly enjoyed by both national and international tourists. Among the most visited destinations for diving, according to the portal Touring Dominican Republic, is Catalina Island, located in the east of the country, a few kilometers from the province of La Romana.

The island has “El Muro”, one of the best places in the Caribbean for this practice. With a depth of more than 100 meters, is ideal for free diving, has a favorable climate for immersion, without any difficulty and can descend to 14 meters deep.

On the coast of the peninsula of Samaná, Las Galeras, presents a suitable atmosphere of diving that stands out for its gardens and labyrinths of coral, caves and sunken ships. Visitors can enjoy swimming with hawksbill turtles, rays, eels and barracudas.

From its shallow reefs, the beaches of Sosúa, located in the province of Puerto Plata in the north of the country, offer a great variety of fun for divers of all levels. In its waters you can find balloon fish, angel fish and trumpets, and occasionally whales, sharks and manta rays depending on the time of year.

La Caleta National Underwater Park, located east of Santo Domingo, has one of the best diving areas. Its main attraction is the Hickory, a shipwrecked in 1984, which stimulates the development of reefs and serves as a refuge for numerous species of tropical fish.

Diving excursions in Bayahibe are a tourist attraction that brings together visitors from all over the world. Without a doubt, Bayahibe is also one of the best places to dive in the Caribbean. The oasis of natural islands in which this well-known town is located is one of the tourist destinations most chosen by those who wish to disconnect from routine.

As if that were not enough, it is one of the places where shipwreck diving is most practiced. For example, the Saint George ship, which has been resting in its depths for years, is inspected every day by hundreds of curious people who seek to discover the mystery under the sea.

One of the most visited places in the country is Punta Cana, which offers a complete diving program in its different versions and in different places and reefs of this jewel of the Caribbean.

Among these possibilities, in addition to its wonderful coral reefs, there are excursions to discover the Astron, one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world. The image of its bow sprouting from the surface from the shores of Playa Bávaro is one of the most characteristic features of this place and it is its proximity to the coast that has made it a place of pilgrimage for all diving lovers, with all its secrets accessible with just a few strokes from the shore.

Requirements for diving in the Dominican Republic

In addition to being sea lovers, people who want to join this underwater practice must have basic knowledge of how the human body reacts underwater and know how to solve the difficulties that may arise underwater.

Like any sport, diving requires knowledge and training prior to its practice, especially if you are a beginner. It is important to have knowledge about the equipment used and to know the safety measures and to be in good physical and mental condition.

If you want to start diving, you must first undergo a medical examination, which assesses that the physical and psychological conditions of the person are adequate and that there is no risk factor that prevents the practice of diving. One of the golden rules for safe diving is to know how to stay calm.
If a problem arises during a dive, fear and insecurity can become the worst enemies, because an uncontrolled maneuver could seriously damage your health.

You must be properly hydrated with water or isotonic drinks. Eating a couple of hours beforehand, giving time to digest, will help you maintain your energy during the dive, which is also fundamental. Not having had enough rest, drinking alcohol or eating a large meal will make you more tired and less able to react to a problem.

Best time to dive in the Dominican Republic

The best time to dive in the Dominican Republic is between June and September, where you can find clear and calm water diving conditions with good visibility. Be sure to avoid the rainy season (October-May), which may not be the best time to dive.

What to consider when diving in the Dominican Republic?

Like any sport, diving requires knowledge and training prior to its practice, especially if you are a beginner. Diving in company is one of the commandments of safe diving. Knowing how to communicate with your fellow divers underwater is essential to warn them of any danger or to confirm that the dive is going well.

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