Sajoma Hot Springs, Beautiful Ecotourism Spot


Sajoma is one of the places in the Dominican Republic with the greatest tourist potential, although it does not have beaches because it is not located in a coastal area, in Sajoma there are beautiful places ideal for ecotourism, mountains, natural parks, hot springs and a beautiful town very quiet with super nice people.

The municipality of San José de las Matas, popularly known as Sajoma, is a privileged viewpoint with a captivating landscape and hydrographic reserves.

It used to be thought that if a destination did not have beaches it was not of popular interest, however, ecological destinations such as San José de las Matas, a municipality belonging to Santiago de los Caballeros, have been conquering tourists, thus changing that belief for several years, says Activil Modeste, manager of Mister Tours.

Being located in a privileged area of the country: the northern slope of the Central Mountain Range, Sajoma, as it is popularly known, is a balcony that allows travelers to appreciate and feel nature very close, which enjoys sustainability and preservation.

Main tourist attractions of Sajoma

San José de las Matas is one of the most sought-after destinations for those who enjoy eco-tourism, thanks to the parks that have been developed for the tourist benefit of the community, it is a place with many themes parks and beautiful places for ecotourism.

San José de las Matas has natural attractions such as Aguas Calientes Parque de Aguas Termas Naturales, located in Los Montones, where the Bao River flows through and many take advantage of it for a dip; there is also the hanging bridge, which invites you to pose for photos to keep as a souvenir, and the hot springs pools.

The swimming pools consist of two pools, a small one containing hot water emanating from the rocks through a pipe and a larger one containing a combination of hot and cold water from the river. These have a high content of sulfur and minerals that favor the health of bathers.

Las aguas termales están en el Parque Ecoturístico Aguas Calientes, ubicadas en Los Montones. El lugar, además, tiene otros atractivos.

There is also the Parque Acuático La Ventana, in the Inoa community, where families enjoy the amine river, and the Parque Temático Arroyo Hondo, on the Inoa River.

In the latter, people can go camping, enjoy swimming pools, take a trip to the heights by ziplining and/or kayaking on the river. This area also has a dedicated area for children’s entertainment.

The entrance fee to Arroyo Hondo and Aguas Calientes Theme Park is $125.00 pesos (2.5 dollars) while the entrance fee to La Ventana is $50.00 pesos (1 dollar).

Another of the park’s attractions is a suspension bridge over the Bao River. The bridge, built with wood and metal mesh, is ideal for adrenaline lovers. In addition, it has a lookout, which allows you to observe the great vegetation, the mountains in all their splendor.

There is also a wooden path that leads to the Bao River spa for those who want to take a bath in the tributary and appreciate and climb on the large rocks it has. Visitors should bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

La Milagrosa Chapel

With a rural touch, La Milagrosa Chapel also connects with this ecological destination and with those who pass by or visit it, due to its aesthetics that makes an instant impact.

This church, located in the community of Damajagua, Los Montones, is very popular for weddings, hosting approximately 100 people, according to information provided by Modeste.

How to get to Sajoma

To get to Sajoma from Santo Domingo the distance is 187 Km and the approximate travel time is 2h 50 min, if you have availability to use the Waze application or google map, you will arrive without any inconvenience and easily in private transport, in case you want to go on your own I advise you to do it in an all-inclusive tour.

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