Travel With Pet To The Dominican Republic



Travel with a pet to the Dominican Republic

You can travel with your pet to the Dominican Republic, for this you must comply with the animal health requirements that are required, for Dominican Republic, it is necessary to carry a health certificate issued and signed by an official veterinarian, the certificate must include the name and address of the owner of the pet, and a complete description of the pet (name, breed, sex, color, and age), and must be Apostilled by the State Government.

Additional information should include:

The pets must be examined within 72 hours before the departure date, were found free of infectious or contagious diseases, were treated against external and internal parasites and come from an area in which no diseases of importance to the species in the last 60 days.

The pets that were vaccinated against rabies. The vaccine must be based on inactivated viruses and administered only 12 months and not less than 30 days before the departure date.

Animals under three months only need a health certificate issued by an official or accredited veterinarian.

To import dogs and cats on a commercial scale, an import application is required from the General Directorate of Livestock of the Dominican Republic for the analysis of zoo sanitary risk.

Plan the trip with your pet

Check the vaccination and documentation requirements for your destination.

Before traveling, call your airline and ask for the requirements to travel with a pet, not all airlines have the same regulations, a pet reserve is usually paid.

If you already confirmed on the airline, the requirements to travel with your pet, get a bag to transport pets approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and that can be accommodated under the seat in front of you on the plane.

Usually, the pet and suitcase are considered a handbag by the airline, the pet must remain inside the suitcase while on the plane and at the airport.

Safety of your pet when traveling to the Dominican Republic


If your pet is not tiny or lightweight and you cannot take it in the cabin with you, you should know that some pets such as dogs and cats cannot withstand extreme temperatures or sudden changes in temperature, so take them in the cargo area It is a risk against her life.

Brachycephalic cat and dog breeds (flat-faced) are not suitable for travel as cargo because they cannot withstand high and low temperatures well, they cannot breathe normally. If it is the case of your pet, the alternative is to travel in the cabin but to be possible it must be a small, lightweight animal, the exact size and weight may vary depending on the airline.

If the animal is brachycephalic and large The alternative is to send it by a courier who takes care of all the details of the trip (except for veterinary documents) and guarantees the safety of the pet, something that does not always happen with commercial flights, since there have been cases of losses and deaths of animals in airplanes.

Traveling with pets’ to the Dominican Republic useful tips

If your pet has a chronic health condition (diabetes, heart disease) and needs ongoing treatment, you may not qualify for a trip that is too long, even if the scales can be diagnosed. Ask the airline about your case to avoid unnecessary risks.

Very anxious animals can be reassured, although the airline may require information about what medication is applied, when and how effects are possible.

It is not recommended to give food or water to the animal at least two hours before traveling, especially in the cabin, to avoid unwanted accidents.

On long flights, it is possible to feed and that you can relieve themselves and walk a bit since almost all international airports already have an animal area near the loading area. Inform yourself previously.

There are countries where the microchip is mandatory for a pet and others where animals are not allowed before or after certain hours of the day.

In the Dominican Republic, it is not demanding to have a chip. In some countries, the animal must be notified in advance and others require mandatory quarantine. Find out the destination country.

The medical certificate issued by the veterinarian lasts 30 days. If the trip lasts less than that time, you can return with the same document. If there is not a new one issued in that country.

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