Vaping and Hookah, Laws In The Dominican Republic and Punta Cana


Vaping and Hookah, Laws In The Dominican Republic and Punta Cana

I’m not a big fan of the new smoking trends, but this website is not about me, and I’ve really seen a lot of foreign people confused about the laws in the Dominican Republic about hookah and vaping and I think I could make some input.

Vaping is an electronic cigarette, and although in the Dominican Republic there are no laws specifically established on this type of devices, unfortunately in customs sometimes seizures could be a bit random.

There is a possibility that if you bring an electronic cigarette equipment into the Dominican Republic it could be confiscated at customs, either because of confusion with the hookah (which is regulated) or for any other reason.

This has no legal validity, since there is no law that prohibits electronic cigarettes as prohibited items in luggage, but in this case, it would be your word against that of a country’s immigration, so you have everything to lose.

In case you want to bring a vaping equipment to Punta Cana I advise you to write to and ask if there is no problem, so you can print the answer they give you in case it is positive and have it as a guarantee, in case of any unforeseen event when you arrive in the country.

However, electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices and therefore will not be allowed in airplane baggage to avoid a possible fire accident, they could only be allowed in carry-on baggage.

Vaping stores in the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana

Electronic cigarette equipment can be expensive, in case you don’t want to risk confiscation, you can also buy it directly in the Dominican Republic.

There are many physical stores and with an online presence where you can acquire electronic cigarettes of different ranges, where you can acquire Juul and other brands.

Hookah ban in the Dominican Republic and some resorts

On the other hand, the use of Hookah was prohibited by law in the Dominican Republic, not long ago, so it is illegal to bring or use Hoohak in the country.

Although I have noticed that it is still used, clandestinely, and not so clandestine, because honestly here it is difficult sometimes to enforce the laws.

The law 16-19, which prohibits the use of hookah in public and private places in the country, this law states that the use of the pipe is prohibited in enclosed indoor places of public and private collective use and in vehicles for passenger transport.

It is also sanctioning establishments that allow the use of hoohak, and about the prohibitions in resorts, the Hard Rock hotel and resort in the Dominican Republic had issued a notice prohibiting the use of hookahs in its facilities.

I am not aware if all other hotels and resorts in the country prohibit the use of hookah, but Hard Rock was the first to make the statement publicly.

The hookah problem in the country is due to the fact that, although it is true that in Eastern cultures hookah is used for smoking cigarettes, in the country “it is being used inappropriately”.

Final conclusions

Many people who travel with their electronic cigarettes or hookahs feel offended or harassed when they are searched at immigration.

It is something that I understand, I don’t smoke anything, and I have traveled to different countries where I have “been searched to the teeth” (not literally) just because of my origin and destination.

With this I mean, the migration in the countries is just trying to do a job, although electronic cigarettes and hookahs are fun devices, many people use them for the use of illicit substances if you know what I mean.

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