4 Uncomfortable Truths About The Dominican Society

I started this blog with the main aim of providing information that can help foreign people who want to know about the Dominican Republic, today while driving Uber, I met a man from North America, very nice, we started talking and told him about my blog, When I explained the topics of the blog, I noticed that he had a greater interest in the “real” issues of the country, the harsh reality, so I told him my reality and my point of view on some things and felt that this information served as his very much, he felt grateful.

Maybe this topic will be ignored, but maybe it helps a lot to other people who love the Dominican Republic, when you feel love for something you must accept good and bad things, and I’m not trying to “sell dreams” or discredit my People, but I want to do something different and real with the blog occasionally.

So, let’s start;


1-Very few opportunities for young professionals

I am an architect; I consider myself talented and skilled; I am Dominican, however; I am currently unemployed, for several months and I have to work at Uber part-time to survive, I do not intend to do my public life, and I understand life is hard, but many young professionals in the Dominican Republic are going through the same situation and many other countries.

I am not ashamed to comment widely on my current situation here, I consider this to be a source of reflection for many, and in the future, I hope it will be a source of inspiration.

 In the Dominican Republic specifically, the social system does not provide support to young professionals, there is nepotism in government jobs.

Corruption comes from the highest levels to the lowest, relatives of politicians in power occupy several positions earning very high salaries and do not do any work, that is called Here “bottles”, that hurts in some way the local economy, most jobs in the public or private sector are achieved by cronyism, which limits young low-income professionals, who have achieved a profession and do not have relations.

Many young Dominicans with real talent leave the country, another has to devote themselves to other things and their talents are wasted.

I know that this is a problem that manifests itself in many Latin America countries; it is a simple matter of statistics, there are many more professionals than vacancies available, the problem is that the country’s education system focuses on training professionals employment-oriented, and do not prepare them to be entrepreneurs.

2-Most Dominicans don’t know how to provide good customer service

How painful it is for me when I go to a place to buy something and when I ask a question the employee on duty answers me without even looking me in the face, sometimes they respond with annoyance, and sometimes they are just simply talking to each other or by phone and they not Pay attention to me.

It is very frustrating when you call a place requiring information and the person in charge who should know their work knows nothing about it and also does not look for ways to help, Jobs in the Dominican Republic are few, but apparently, when a person gets a job, he feels annoyed and deals with the same annoyance and indifference to customers.

Those who provide good service are the business owners themselves, because they care about their customers and want to see their business grow. In hotels and resorts they provide very good service because they receive due training.

so, you have to be patient and be mentally prepared when you go to a store or restaurant to acquire some service.

3- People drive like crazy here

People are extremely aggressive and selfish driving here, a while ago I read a statistic that stated that the Dominican Republic is one of the countries with the highest rate of fatal traffic accidents in the world, to be such a small country that is something scary.

The fact that Dominicans are so aggressive driving could be because of the stress they are subjected to day after day, perhaps the hot weather, also the bad habit of driving drunk, there is not much road education, it is conducted very irresponsibly and recklessly; in the city while driving, the Dominican is always in a hurry, no matter if the traffic is fluid, always wants to go faster than normal. Motor drivers are the most dangerous and reckless, and public car and bus drivers too.

4-We are Fostering a macho culture

Femicide is a constant and growing problem in the Dominican Republic, this could be due to the promotion of macho culture in the Dominican culture, where both men and women are guilty in most cases of promoting this culture.

The majority of Dominican women tend to choose their partner based on the economic resources that it can provide, I understand that this is something universal, and it is really not bad for women to seek security and protection, but at the cultural level here that practice is taking Inhuman connotations, the man understands that by supplying the woman economically he “is buying a product that belongs to him” when he feels that this product does not belong to him, he feels deeply betrayed.

My advice for women would be; not everything good in life is just money.

My advice to men would be; A good real woman will be with you with or without money.

My advice may be utopian, but it is my way of thinking, however, in this culture, men use money as power and women use their sex as power and that war of powers at a deeper level the only thing that fosters It is the macho culture.

Man and woman should unite for reasons more transcendental than money and sex, maybe I am wrong, but that is my opinion.

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