Playa Grande, The Mysterious Beach that Repairs Itself

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When I was a kid I used to visit the northern part of the country, especially Playa Grande, this beach is located only 15 km west of Rio San Juan, my dad worked on this beach for many years, for a long time I had an image of how majestic this beach was, a huge strip of sand, a somewhat rough sea, but a lot of fun.

Well, those memories were from when I was a child, many years passed and for reasons of life I did not return to playa grande, until now.

In September I visited the north coast with my family, and I returned to playa grande, my mind and my heart expected to find the beautiful beach with the great strip of sand that I remembered as a child, but what a surprise I got.

When I arrived at the beach, it was unrecognizable, there was almost no sand, many stones, the little sand that was there was staggered, I was disappointed with the beach, although the environment was incredibly beautiful, anyway I enjoyed the trip very much.

Playa Grande: The Beach that repairs itself

I did not last long to return to Playa Grande, in fact, only four months for my second visit to Playa Grande, in the month of January.

I went back to playa grande, actually, I went to Rio San Juan where I also enjoyed some beaches and the Gri gri lagoon, but I decided on my last day to go back to playa grande just to eat and sit for a while with some family and acquaintances.

Again, what a surprise!, but this time for the better, Playa Grande was spectacular, nothing like what I had seen four months ago, a large strip of sand, the sea bathed the sand and with the sun’s rays it looked like a golden surface, the sea was rough and a breeze that carried that smell of nature that I missed so much.

playa grande dominican republic

Definitely, that was the beach I remembered, all the memories of the majestic beach came back to my mind all at once, I remember that I walked for half an hour along the entire shore of the beach, the big beach has more than two kilometers of beach, hence its name.

One of the beach workers told me that it is a mystery, this beach every year suffers a loss of its sand for the months of September approximately, but from January until the end of August it recovers all its splendor.

Perhaps this is not so much a mystery, but rather something of nature, but I did not know this information and perhaps many of those who read this topic do not know it either.

playa grande beach dominican republic

So when you come to a nature site and find it not in good condition, don’t judge, and don’t dismiss it either, nature can be very wise.

Another important fact, if you ever visit Playa Grande and notice that the condition of the sand is not ideal, right next to it by a hidden path, there is another beach called Playa La Preciosa, the conditions are different on both beaches.

In Playa Grande, there is a lot of shade and vegetation

Playa Grande is not a joke, beware

This beach is beautiful, but it has always been very hectic, I remember when I was a little boy and I used to go swimming, the truth is that I had a lot of courage, plus I was always accompanied by my father.

Nowadays, I don’t think this beach is a place for children, even for adults it can be a beach to respect, if you don’t know how to swim, you should stay on the shore and enjoy the waves that reach the shore.

This beach has very strong waves, in some months it is calmer than others, but you should be very cautious.

I saw several policemen or people guarding the beach, alert to all the people, and also noticed a lifeguard stand.

What else can I say about this beautiful place, the food is extremely good, and super cheap, I love this place because of how economical it can be, I love to eat seafood, but in the city, fish or seafood can be expensive, this is not so in playa grande or Rio san Juan.

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  1. I was just in that area! I went to Barahona to visit for my first time cuz mom had been telling me for years about how beautiful it was. I was terrified at the place! There was no beach with sand. Half way there the roads became rocks and dirt and it was a horrible drive. The beaches are my favorite but they were all fixed with pebbles and small rocks and I couldn’t enjoy even one beach to sit in. I went to Los patos and that was nice but the food at D’Luis comeder was terrible and expensive. Not worth it! I won’t go back until there is actual sand. The water was stunningly blue but how to enjoy it? Maybe next time.

    1. Elvis Alcequiez says:

      I am confused by your comment, were you in Playa Grande or Barahona?

      Playa Grande has a season where it gets a bit ugly, but most of the year the beach is spectacular…

      And yes…the beaches in Barahona are a bit “rough”, they don’t have sand, they have pebbles…

      But Playa Grande is in Rio San Juan, not in Barahona…

      You must try the food at playa grande when you come back, it is ridiculously cheap and good, if you ever come back to playa grande mention my last name to any of the people that serve at the beach…most of them are family and acquaintances, they will treat you very well…

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