8 Great Bars In The Dominican Republic


Among witty phrases that describe the pleasure that comes with a good drink, a prestigious local magazine presents a list of bars where you can live great experiences.

Perhaps on a visit to the Dominican Republic, you can embark on the adventure of visiting the best bars in the country, you can fall in love with their atmosphere and want to repeat every time you can.


1- Cacibajagua

The best alternative atmosphere in the heart of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo. Its facilities are set to achieve a complete disconnection from the routine, living moments of full enjoyment of rock, cocktails, and tapas, Live music is also part of its offer.

2- Maraca Bar

With a peculiar art deco façade located in the heart of the Colonial Zone, Maraca celebrates the Caribbean goodness of our island at its best, from its facilities to its menu, with culinary options that offer the best of Dominican gastronomy and its historical influences.

3-Rocca Bar

Located in the metropolitan area of Santo Domingo, they offer an attractive youthful atmosphere with the guarantee of providing their customers a unique experience, complemented with the enjoyment of delicious dishes and signature cocktails. They have “Ladies Day”, in which they give free Cava to the ladies.

4-Central Gastronómica

An authentic gastronomic experience, with a great atmosphere, incredible food, and exquisite cocktails, is the guarantee they offer to their exclusive clients. They have spaces designed to live unforgettable experiences, such as their special brunch time or after-work meetings.

5- 4 Jacks

A franchise of local bars located in the main shopping centers of Santo Domingo. Aimed at a young/adult public, with an exclusive friendly, quiet and jovial atmosphere, they offer the best Happy Hour in the whole region, with the most affordable prices.

5- Maruja

An exclusive bar-restaurant located in the heart of Santo Domingo, its specialties are cocktails and urban food, available for delivery. As part of its attractions includes offers and Happy Hour every day, as well as special combos to celebrate events and birthdays.

6- Mix Bar

For them, the most important thing is that their visitors enjoy the best atmosphere, and that is what they guarantee by offering good food with their exquisite dishes including delivery and a wide variety of drinks. In addition, they offer live music and after-work.

7- Marketcito

“Drink, food, and more.” Located in the heart of the metropolitan area of Santo Domingo, Marketcito offers a charming experience to live memorable experiences in a cozy atmosphere. Live music and the enjoyment of exclusive events such as F1 are part of its attractions.

8- Mosquito Bar

This charming boutique hotel located in the Colonial Zone has a bistro bar with sensational drinks. Its facilities are spectacular and create a unique and ideal environment to escape in the heart of Santo Domingo. Enjoy great moments in the company of delicious dishes and special drinks in this unique place.

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