Which Are The Most Expensive Hotels In The Dominican Republic? (Solved)

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The Dominican Republic has a reputation for being one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in the Caribbean, with a wide variety of hotels and resorts covering different price ranges and luxury categories. For some time now, I have been obsessed with researching which are the most expensive luxury hotels in the country.

It is not that I am going to rent a luxury hotel or villa, my economic capacity does not yet reach those levels, but in my research, I realized that in reality, the most expensive hotels in the Dominican Republic are hotels that go “under the radar”, nobody talks about them, not even I, who am a native of the country knew about them.

This little information or knowledge may be due to the fact that these luxurious hotels are so expensive and incognito, that they are only available to big celebrities, millionaires, who wish to have as much privacy as possible.

If you have wondered which are the most expensive luxury hotels in the Dominican Republic, just out of curiosity, you may have difficulties finding real answers on the web, as everything is oriented to marketing and very little real information, this has happened to me collecting information for this topic.

All the information that appears is about hotels in Punta Cana, and guess what, although there are luxury hotels in Punta Cana and they can be quite expensive, in reality, the most expensive hotels and resorts in the country are NOT in Punta Cana.


The Cradle of Luxury Hotels in the Dominican Republic

The north of the Dominican Republic is really the cradle of the most expensive luxury hotels in the country. That’s where most of the big celebrities go, Cap Cana is also a place in the east of the Dominican Republic where celebrities go, but the luxury hotels in Cap Cana are a little lower in price than those in the north.

Personally, I have visited many times Rio San Juan and surrounding areas, I have relatives all over that area, the places are quiet and charming, Rio San Juan is a small city located in the north of the Dominican Republic and is one of my favorite places in the country.

The northern part of the country is quiet, it can be quite economical, when I go there I usually rent a room in a pretty decent hotel that costs me around 25 dollars a night and I usually eat in a restaurant that is in front of the beautiful Gri Gri lagoon, very good food, with 35 dollars we can eat very well three people.

But, despite being a place that can be quite economical, that area has the most expensive luxury hotels in the Dominican Republic, frequently visited by famous movie actors, internationally famous singers, and athletes of high level.

Many of these people like to choose these places because they enjoy the privacy, these places are not as popular and crowded as Punta Cana or other destinations.

In conversation with one of my relatives, he told me that these hotels are frequented by Hollywood actors and actresses, he mentioned some names.

My father also told me that in Rio San Juan there is a private nudist beach, which I could not verify because there is no information about it on the internet, but I believe my father because he is a person who does not tell lies, besides, in Rio San Juan there are some super exclusive and totally private places.

Nudism is supposed to be illegal in the Dominican Republic, but in public conditions, if it is done in private conditions there is no problem.

Celebrities look for places that offer them privacy

There is a very obvious reason why hotels in the northern part of the country are the most expensive and the least known, is precise because they are ultra-private places, which are not affordable for everyone.

The northern part of the Dominican Republic offers this privacy as well as beautiful landscapes and in recent years luxury projects have been developed with the vision of receiving those people who are looking for maximum privacy and who have no problem paying for a luxury hotel.

Celebrities seek an escape from the cameras, away from the harassment of people, it must be a great experience to be famous, but with fame, many important things are lost, privacy and tranquility.

Here is a video of a visit made some time ago by the famous actor Christian Bale in the blue lagoon Dudu, north of the Dominican Republic, a super awkward situation where he just wanted to spend some quiet time in privacy and someone started to ask him for pictures.

Kimball House (Casa Kimball), one of the most expensive hotels in the Dominican Republic

Located near Playa Grande, on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic is one of the most impressive places in the Caribbean, the Casa Kimball hotel is a total luxury establishment that opens its doors only to those who rent the villa.

Among the services offered is a swimming pool with an infinity view, a private Chef who will be responsible for making any dish that is required also has a garden of almond and palm trees ideal for touring it.

Casa Kimball

Room rates range from US $3,500 – 2,900 per day and US $20,300 – $20,300 for a week, depending on the season.

This majestic palace of 1,900 square meters is located at the end of a cliff that connects visually with the sea that provides a wonderful view from anywhere in the resort. Its construction has been basically designed so that there are virtually no walls or walls allowing light from anywhere in the rooms.

Amanera Resort, a beautiful luxury hotel

I am simply in love with the architecture and visuals of this beautiful luxury hotel also located in Playa Grande, in the northern part of the Dominican Republic. Everything about this hotel is pure luxury, from the materials to the services.

Photo: Fernando Calzada Arquitexto Magazine

The information I have regarding the cost of this hotel is a rate of US$1,400 per night, although it is possible that this cost is higher now, I must point out that this luxury hotel is not an “all-inclusive” hotel, therefore, the costs of food and beverages must be contemplated.

ÀNI Dominican Republic Luxury Hotel

ANI is a luxury complex made up of 14 rooms in the form of independent villas, located in the northern part of the Dominican Republic. This luxury resort offers an incredible Caribbean experience, all materials and services offered are of the highest quality.

I know I am sounding like a “salesman”, I have not visited these places to give so many details, but really just seeing videos and photos of these places, as well as the details of the services they offer, is something really impressive.

Rates at this resort in the summer season range from US$$4,925 (for 4 suites) per night to US$13,000 for all 14 suites. All prices always include the exclusive use of the villa, a complete staff plus complimentary luxury amenities: gourmet meals, complimentary beverages, daily massages and spa treatments, cooking classes, and much more.


I know I am missing other very expensive luxury hotels in the Dominican Republic, actually, the purpose of the topic was to highlight that Punta Cana or Cap Cana is not the most expensive and exclusive place in the country in terms of luxury hotels, at least for now.

Punta Cana is the most popular, and of course, it also has a high level of luxury and exclusivity, but when talking about great artists and celebrities, these people usually choose places more removed from the traditional and popular.

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