Traveling With Kids To The Dominican Republic



Travel with Children to the Dominican Republic

Traveling with children to the Dominican Republic is a family experience that can be very satisfying and unforgettable as long as you take into consideration some essential aspects that must be taken into account before and after the trip.

Regulations and documents to travel with children to the Dominican Republic

Only a passport is required to travel with children to the Dominican Republic, with North American, if a passport for a child under 16 is requested for the first time, the child must always be present, even if it is a newborn, there are no exceptions.

Both the father and mother must be present for the child’s passport application, the consent of both is needed.

Do you need a notarized letter for children to the Dominican Republic?

Written permission is unnecessary if the child is accompanied by the same person who enters and leaves the country if the child has to leave the country with another person.

The parents or their legal guardian must issue a permit before the notary public, the document must be translated into Spanish, you can ask for help at the resort you are staying in to see if they can provide that service.

Is Punta Cana safe for children?

The tourist complexes in Punta Cana are very safe for children, they have many activities for all ages, with nurseries, water parks, and playgrounds specially designed for children’s recreation.

Just remember the tap water is not safe to drink, and be careful what you feed your child, avoid giving salad leaves that may not be well sanitized if you feed him fruit check that it is well washed, or wash it yourself with bottled water.

Bavaro beach is very long and extensive and the best area for children, being the quietest without waves, is the part from the Now Larimar area, Secrets Royal beach/garden, Melia, Ifa Villas Bavaro and Barceló, these are some recommendations.

Things to Do in the Dominican Republic with Children

Yulian, metal man, and I having fun, Colonial City, Santo Domingo

The Dominican Republic is a paradisiacal destination that can be enjoyed also in the family. Almost all the hotels and resorts offer the possibility of enjoying the Caribbean with children.

Thanks to their activities and entertainment programs specially designed for them. Also, outside the hotels, there are places where children can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Punta Cana family resorts and leisure parks

Punta Cana is an attractive tourist area that is in the east of the Dominican Republic, with wonderful and quiet beaches and a wide range of resorts, which most have children’s clubs. In this part of the country,.

Hotels focused on family tourism are easily found, whose priority is for the little ones to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

One of these establishments is the Hotel Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana, where the fun of the entire family is assured. With a theme park within its facilities.

Children can enjoy water slides, or meet children’s characters such as the Ninja Turtles Sponge Bob house without leaving the hotel complex.

Fantasy Bahia Principe, also in Punta Cana, offers theme pools with castles, water parks, and shows day and night for the whole family to enjoy together.

Another leisure alternative is to visit the Grand Memories Splash Punta Cana, which has one of the largest integrated water parks with water slides, swimming pools, etc. Besides, its mini-clubs offer activities segmented by age.

Santo Domingo children’s places for fun

The Dominican capital is also a great destination for those who travel with children. Among the many attractions of Santo Domingo figure Peképolis, a theme park where children play to be adults.

It is a “city” tailored to the small where they choose, for example, what profession they want to develop.

Another ideal excursion to do with the family is to visit the National Botanical Garden. in an extensive green area in the middle of the city of Santo Domingo, which works as one of the green lungs of the capital, here it is possible to admire a lot of the flora species that grow in the country.

The National Zoological Park is another favorite destination for children. There you can see numerous animals in recreated environments, the guided tour is done in a fun train.

You can see endemic animals of the country such as iguanas and jutias, passing by the American crocodile. This zoo is one of the largest in Latin America.

Traveling with children to the Dominican Republic useful tips

At a global level, the category of children is divided into two groups according to age, the first group includes from the day of birth to two years of age, the other category includes the age between 2 to 12 years of age, the conditions for travel in both categories are different.

If you will travel with a newborn child, ideally it should be over at least 15 days after birth, contact the airline by telephone and explain that you are traveling with a baby.

Airlines have some special seats on the plane accommodated with an extra space to carry the baby, the seating capacity of these seats is limited, so make the reservation as soon as possible.

You can take a baby car to the plane, but make sure it is foldable, check with your airline about it.

In the hand luggage, the best thing to take is:

  •  some baby clothes to change it for any eventuality
  • Baby bottle and a good water supply
  • Fruit compote
  • Diapers, creams and other personal hygiene tools for babies

If you plan to bring a toy for your newborn child, keep in mind that it is forbidden to bring toys on the plane that emit noise, music or loud sounds because it can annoy other passengers.

If at some point you should change your newborn baby’s diaper, in the plane’s bathroom you can find a folding table over the toilet to perform this task efficiently.

In the moments of takeoff and descent is when pressure changes occur in the plane’s cabin, these changes cause discomfort in the ear, to relieve your newborn child of these discomforts.

You can provide sips of water or milk at the right time that the plane is in ascending or landing, the swallowing action for a child helps to mitigate the effects of discomfort in the ear.

Keep your baby hydrated during the flight

The cabin of an airplane is a pressurized area, that is why a parched interior environment is generated that favors dehydration, with a newborn baby the effect is much greater.

It is essential that you carry in your handbag a bottle and enough water to keep the baby hydrated during the flight.

What to do so that the child remains calm on the plane

Dealing with small children on a plane trip can be a frustrating experience, both for parents and for the surrounding passengers, you can not take them anywhere.

There are no spaces to go, you just have to be seated and wait patiently until you reach your destination, here are some tips to make the trip with your child as pleasant as possible:

Bring a child carrier with you

If you are traveling with your baby, bringing a child carrier with you gives you the benefit of keeping your baby in front of you at all times while you can use your hands to do any other activity.

Besides, it is preferable to keep a small baby with reflux in an upright position, even to sleep, the content of the stomach is kept in its correct place thanks to the gravity in that position. You should keep in mind the following aspects before buying a baby carrier:

  • Make sure that the baby carrier you get has head support so that the baby can sleep
  • Wide support base so it flexes the knees and supports the thighs
  • Have back support, so you can hold your baby for a long time without suffering from back pain

Consult with the child’s pediatrician before traveling

Try to make a consultation with your baby’s pediatrician before the trip, ask if you can provide acetaminophen for children or some pain relief that may be useful in case of some ear pain that is frequent because of the pressure arising from the change of height during the flight.

When the plane takes off and rises is the time where you often feel the ear clogged, if you have a newborn baby, you can breastfeed, if your child is older and can chew, give him chewing gum without sugar.

To mitigate the effects of pressure at the time of the aircraft takeoff.

Control your attitude

If you maintain a positive attitude about traveling with your child, everything will be fine, do not be nervous, try to enjoy the experience of traveling with your family, keeping calm at all times will help you handle any situation that may arise.

Take some Snacks that your child likes

The food on the plane may not be to your child’s liking, to keep it calm and without hunger take some of your child’s favorite snacks easy to transport, this could keep them entertained for a while, avoid providing sugary snacks, this keeps them more restless.

Children just want to be distracted

Children get bored easily, we all know that sitting long hours in a plane is very boring even for an adult, a great idea is to take with you a Tablet where the child can read, watch an animated movie or play.

the tablet will keep them quiet in their seats for long hours, you can have control over the videos and games to which the child has access, which is appropriate to their age.

If you do not feel comfortable with ​​your child having a tablet, you can bring coloring books or other educational toys.

How to choose the seats for children on the plane

If you have several children on the trip, and they tend to fight with each other, try to interpose it in the seats, so they do not stay side by side.

If they get along well then you can sit them together continuously, keeping you always on the side of the aisle of the plane and leaving the children towards the side of the window.

Carry a blanket with you

Inside the plane, it can be freezing, and the seat can be a little uncomfortable for your child to lay his head and sleep, carry a blanket and a coat of soft and breathable material and that is easy to fold.

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