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In the Dominican Republic, social inequality is very marked, it is as if there were two worlds coexisting in the same place.

One moment you can be in a neighborhood full of big towers, huge parks, 5 star restaurants, and then a couple of corners away you can see a neighborhood full of shacks.

This is a situation that is repeated in many neighborhoods of the national district of Santo Domingo, but the topic I want to discuss is about the richest neighborhoods of Santo Domingo.

In Santo Domingo, being the capital of the Dominican Republic, there are the most expensive neighborhoods in the country (without fear of being wrong).

This list that I will put below, will be according to my criteria after living for more than 30 years in the city.

Although there are many other “rich” neighborhoods, I believe that the neighborhoods that I will put in this list are not in discussion, besides I will put some statistical data in terms of prices per M2 of land and apartment costs.

1-Lo Cacicazgos

Undoubtedly the most expensive sector of Santo Domingo, although I will not list it in order of position, the Cacicazgos is the most expensive sector of the city with a price per M2 exceeding US$ 3,000 according to data I researched.

In this sector is located the Anacaona Avenue, among the positive things of this sector is the “Mirador Sur park”, which is located throughout the Anacaona Avenue and functions as a “lung” of the southern part of the city.

The Mirador Sur Park is an impressive extension of green area, with interior streets prepared only for people to exercise, although there is one of the streets that is enabled for transit, but it is closed at a specific time.

On the other side of the south viewpoint, there is an impressive ocean view, people who have apartments on Anacaona avenue have the view of the incredible extension of the park and then a wonderful ocean view, it is a simply great place to live.

I must emphasize that Anacaona Avenue does not have public transportation, so it is always fluid, the area is very safe and there are no marginalized neighborhoods around it.

2-Bella Vista

Bella Vista is my favorite sector in the whole city, and it is the sector where I live… ok, I am not rich at all, I just found a good opportunity to live in this sector…

Bella Vista is relatively close to the Cacicazgos, in fact, the Mirador Sur park is a couple of corners away from the sector.

The sector of Bella Vista is a charming mix of houses and apartments, the houses are spectacular, although there are not many, the apartments are not much to my liking because in this sector there are many old apartments (really old).

Although modern apartments have been built, what I like most about this sector and that is why I prefer it above the others is its proximity to the main roads.

It is very close to the main arteries of the city, in addition, one of the streets of the sector (Romulo Betancourt) has all the restaurants and fast food places you can imagine.

There is also the Downtown Center plaza, which although it is not very big, its construction is relatively new, and in this plaza, you will find the most modern and comfortable movie theater in the city.

3-La Julia

It seems to me that La Julia is the fourth most expensive sector of the city of Santo Domingo, after Lo Cacicazgos, Bella Vista, and very close to Piantini in price.

I don’t really know much about this sector personally, although I heard that it is one of the richest sectors of the city, it is a mix of big houses and apartments, but it seems to me that unlike the other sectors in La Julia there are more houses than apartments.

One of the negative aspects of this sector is that adjacent to this sector is a popular sector called “El manguito”.

Not that I have anything against the popular neighborhoods, but making an objective analysis, it is a disadvantage for a “rich” neighborhood to have a “poor” neighborhood right next to it.



Since my childhood I have always heard that Naco is the sector where “the rich live” in the city, although that seems to be a thing of years ago.

The reality is that the sector of Naco is still very expensive, in fact it must be top 3 among the most expensive sectors of the country or the city of Santo Domingo.

I have been many times in that area, Naco is mostly apartments, I don’t think I have seen a single house in that sector.

What I like least about Naco, despite being located very centrally in the city, is that the surrounding avenues are a real mess in rush hour, I say this from my own experience.

Tiradentes Avenue for example, is a chaos at rush hour, and has a traffic light at every corner, I know that avenue well because it was my university/home route.

That avenue is so complicated, that living near the university it took me longer to get there (in rush hour) than a classmate who lived outside the city.

But, in any case, the wealthy people in the city who can avoid office hours lead a very good life in this sector.


Pianitini is a charming and elegant sector of the city of Santo Domingo, everyone who lives in that sector is definitely a “rich” person.

In Piantini the price per M2 of land, houses or apartment is quite expensive, I think only below the Cacicazgos in price.

For a “rich” sector it is quite large and central, of all the sectors mentioned, Piantini is the sector where the best shopping malls and the best restaurants are located.

Although that is not an advantage, because this city is so small that everything is relatively close.

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