The Best Kitesurfing Spots In The Dominican Republic

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Kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic is traditionally known for having become an elementary activity within beach sports tourism.

It is not surprising that there are virtually no places where this type of activity is possible. In the first place, all this is favored by the fact that the country is exposed annually to the incessant trade winds of the Caribbean Sea.

Another advantage lies in the multiplicity of training schools that exist in its territory, which allows the tourist population to enjoy the main benefits of this sport regardless of their level of expertise.

Among the main locations for the safe and effective practice of these sports are the beaches of Cabarete, Punta Popy and Kite Beach.

But next, I show you three other main bets that at national level also turn out to be very outstanding to practice Kitesurf:

Puerto Plata

In Puerto Plata there are at least two types of beach resorts that have the conditions to be considered important centers of kitesurfing. The first one is Cabarete Beach, also called Kite Beach.

Initially it is distinguished by a high presence of kiters, which gives it the possibility of being a space completely suitable for photography in general. Its peak of activity usually coincides with the weekends. It is also characterized by the different international championships that take place there.

On the other hand Playa dorada or the Costa Dorada also involve kitesurfing within its wide range of tourist and recreational possibilities.

This coast is located about ten minutes from the center of Puerto Plata, characterized by its concentration of coral reefs on its beach. A completely unique element among the coasts of the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana

With respect to this second location, the Playa Blanca occupies a completely outstanding position. It is distinguished by its pale coloured sands and its strong contrast with the blue waters of the sea.

Given the tourist boom that characterizes it related to this type of sports, this important region has been selected for the annual celebration of Kite Fest.

A multitudinous sport meeting for the demonstration of different styles of displacement on the water, as well as its tricks of jump.

In Punta Cana, Macao beach is not far behind among the main points suitable for kitesurfing. The shape of its coast is normally responsible for this, allowing the formation of important groups of waves always in a continuous and annual way.

At the shore it is always possible to find important centers for the teaching of boarding and kite control.

Other important beach complexes adapted as a sports site

It is not in vain that the Dominican Republic is considered by many tourist sources as the Mecca of kitesurfing in the Caribbean. A reality conditioned by its famous complexes of completely crystalline beaches and with enough waves to carry out this type of activity.

One of the most important locations is of course Bahoruco beach, 15 kilometers from Baharona, noted for its particular combination of coastline and spectacular rock structures.

Within the same category are also white and beautiful beaches, classically known within tourism in general.

Kitesurfing is also integrated among its different possibilities. The Buen Hombre beach also stands out as a favorable location for the development of all kinds of sports activities.

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