Can You Carry a Pocket Knife In The Dominican Republic?

Carrying a pocket knife in the Dominican Republic may seem harmless and legal action, but in reality, according to the law in article 50 of the weapons law, this is prohibited.

According to this law, it is forbidden for any person to carry in any form penknives, razors, razor blades, sevillanas (pocket knives), rapiers, daggers, stilettos, daggers, daggers, sabers, swords.

If you are going to carry a knife with you, the proper way to do it is if you can justify its use according to the activity you are going to perform.

It is illegal to carry any other kind of sharp or pointed instruments whose dimensions exceed three inches (3″) in length by half an inch in width.

Only military authorities and rural authorities are exempt from this prohibition, The forest rangers, within the farms entrusted to their vigilance and defense.

The assistants of the police authorities, including the rural authorities, while they are performing the services entrusted to them by the latter and provided that they carry with them a permit from the authority that ordered them to perform such services.

What about street vendors carrying knives and machetes?

In the Dominican Republic, it is legal for a person who is exercising a commercial or artistic profession to carry penknives, razors, Sevillanas or knives.

It is understood that machetes and working knives are not included in the prohibition established by this Law, and individuals who carry such instruments cannot be prosecuted or subjected to justice.

Prohibition of carrying knives in public places

The regulation also establishes the prohibition of carrying knives in public places.

Anyway, why would you carry a knife in your pocket in a public place? This is something logically illegal and difficult to justify unless it is a work tool.

If the reason for carrying a knife has a valid explanation, for example, if you are a camper or something like that, then it is totally valid that you can carry a knife with you.

This is a pretty logical issue, a knife can be a useful tool, but it can also be a lethal offensive weapon, therefore it is not allowed in public places, with the exceptions already mentioned.

On the penalties for carrying illegal weapons in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s firearms regulations establish that persons found illegally carrying a weapon may be punished with a fine of twenty-five to three hundred pesos or imprisonment of one to six months (0.5 to 5 dollars).

In these cases, the weapons or instruments shall be seized and confiscated.

Without prejudice to more serious penalties for persons who are perpetrators of or accomplices to crimes committed with such weapons or instruments.

Final thoughts

Giving a more human opinion, outside of writing as if I were a “robot lawyer” you can walk around with a pocket knife in the Dominican Republic and you won’t have any problems, the authorities don’t really go around picking the pockets of citizens and a pocket knife really isn’t a big deal.

It would be irresponsible of me to tell you to be illegally armed or to use a pocket knife to defend yourself from assault, that would be a bad idea, but if for some personal reason you want to carry a pocket knife with you in the Dominican Republic, whether you are camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, having it will not be a problem.

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