Why Did I Make This Website? (Not a Happy Story)

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All the sticks are falling off

Have you ever heard the phrase?, “all the sticks are falling off”, I guess not.

In the Dominican Republic, there is a phrase to define a person when at a certain moment many things go wrong “all the sticks are falling off”. (spanish: se le están cayendo todos los palitos)

For me, it wasn’t just “the sticks fell off”, it was a whole forest.

In a nutshell, one day I found myself in the middle of my hot bedroom, I had been fired from an abusive and toxic job, without benefits and without notice. (I was a subcontractor, but I was in that company for years and I didn’t have time for other things).

Months began to pass, and despite my experience and profession, getting a job became similar to getting water in a desert.

My wife got sick, my son got sick, and I had no money for medicine, all kinds of debts piled up, several months of rent, school debts, car debts, ect.

It was very hard, it was as if the moon was falling from space on my back, then I understood that many people go through this.

The website idea, a light at the end of the tunnel

In the course of the days, I managed to join Uber as a driver (terrible experience), working as a driver in the city of Santo Domingo, is like facing Mike Tyson in his prime, a beating.

One day in desperation, I typed on my laptop “how to make money online” and I came across a video on Youtube, two young people from the United States explaining how they make money creating websites.

Best of all, the information they were giving was free, I realized that I had almost all the tools to do it: I know English, I love to write, I have been using computers for years.

All the tools except the most important one: I didn’t know anything about programming or creating websites.

Under this pressure, under this weight
We are diamonds taking shape ( Coldplay-Adventure of a lifetime)

Making the website, lots of errors

Actually, now I find it very easy to create a website, but when I started with this website, which was the first one, I knew absolutely nothing.

I was so lost, in fact, I think I’m still lost, it was like sinking into the Bermuda triangle, my first mistake was choosing the domain name (the name of the website).

In those days I was so broke (no money), I didn’t have the money to pay for hosting and domain, so I took advantage of an offer where they gave me a free domain name.

For some strange reason (not bad intentioned) I chose the domain name of a famous YouTube channel from the Dominican Republic, my subconscious played a dirty trick on me, in fact, many times I receive emails where they confuse me with this channel.

I tried to change the name, but I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t even know the difference between a domain name and a hosting name, it was like trying to learn Chinese while trying to speak Chinese.

The most important thing in life

The boy in the profile picture of the topic is my 10-year-old son (at the time of the photo), his name is Yulian.

Incredibly, he has been a great support for these projects, he always asks me how the websites are doing, if they have been growing, and he tells me that someday he wants to collaborate with me.

One day, in a random conversation, Yulian told me a phrase that impacted me a lot, because it really is something I have always thought about and because it is too deep for a child to think about it, so I told him to write it down on a piece of paper.

He told me “The most important thing in life is… freedom.”

This post is written to never forget.

This website is not a “place”, it’s a journey

To finish, I would like to tell you that now I’m “bathing in the money”, but I’m not, although I’m really very happy.

Nowadays I don’t worry so much about money, this is so much fun, plus, being helpful to many people is a very fulfilling feeling.

I currently have 8 websites and a Youtube channel, most of them based on design and architecture (my profession).

It all started with a simple step, with this website about my home country, the Dominican Republic.

At one point in my life “all the sticks fell out”, all the logs fell on me, but, I gathered them all and I’m building something beautiful. After all, I am an architect.


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