Why Can’t You Flush Toilet Paper In The Dominican Republic? (Solved)


In several countries of the world, toilet paper with residual waste is flushed down the toilet, because, from a health point of view, it can contaminate the environment and cause health problems.

However, in the Dominican Republic, it is recommended to throw these wastes in the trash can, it has to be in the wastebasket, in the toilet is not suitable because it can cause clogging of the sanitary drain, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc., should go in the trash can, never in the toilet.

Since sanitary napkins or tampons are not compostable or recyclable, they should ideally be disposed of in the trash. Although many of these products claim to be biodegradable, they take a long time to dispose of and contribute to clogging sewers.

Although many claims that toilet paper is intended and designed to disintegrate easily when in contact with water and, therefore, to be discarded.

The solids that are sent down the toilet can cause blockages in the pipes because in the Dominican Republic most sectors still do not have adequate treatment systems as in other countries.

Obviously, this is different in large hotel and resort facilities in the Dominican Republic, as these facilities are governed by international construction standards, and usually have their own drainage and wastewater treatment facilities, The resorts are generally constructed with pipes that can handle Toilet Paper.

However, not all resorts and hotels have the same facilities, and it is very likely that in some of them you cannot flush toilet paper, sanitary napkins or pampers, and other waste.

In hotels and resorts, both the diameter of the sanitary sewer pipes and the water supply are calculated based on the number of rooms in the complex.

The problem lies in the capacity of the pipes to withstand the amount of toilet paper without clogging, which is one of the main reasons why it is still recommended to dispose of it in a garbage can.

The most modern systems are designed to allow the toilet paper to be disposed of without problems, as they have a sufficient amount, but this is not always the case in all hotel or residential facilities in the Dominican Republic.

How does the drainage system work in the residences of the Dominican Republic?

Most of the sanitary drainage systems at the residential level in the Dominican Republic, work with 4″ or 3″ drainage pipes depending on the amount of connected equipment.

These pipes are connected to registers at the outlets of the residence and from there they are directed to a septic tank where the solids are sedimented.

How to avoid contamination in the bathroom in the Dominican Republic?

Although in the Dominican Republic it is not recommended to place used toilet paper in the bathroom, you can take some measures to reduce the percentage of contamination in the environment, for example, always use garbage cans with lids so that the waste is not exposed and germs are not dispersed.

Another suggestion is to try to keep these wastes in the bathroom as little time as possible, taking out the garbage when possible, in hotel rooms cleaning is done daily and several times a day, in established garbage collection schedules.

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