The Weather In Punta Cana And The Best Time To Visit- A Local Guide

The weather in Punta Cana and the best time to visit

Punta Cana climate is tropical all year round, maintaining an average temperature between 32 ° maximum during the day and 21 ° minimum in the night hours, The average temperature in Punta Cana is 26.4 ° C. Precipitation here averages 1,112 mm, during the hurricane season (June-November) can be more humid and hot, the best time to visit Punta Cana is between the months of May-June, it is low season where there is less crowd and Accommodation prices are lower.

Between the months of December-April is the best time to travel to Punta Cana according to the local weather conditions, these are the months with the least chance of rain and the temperature is very pleasant, these months are considered the high season, there is much more demand for accommodation.

Punta Cana Climate graph

The driest month is March, with 53 mm. Most of the precipitation here falls in October, averaging 140 mm.

Understanding the Dominican Republic climate

For foreign tourists the climate of the Dominican Republic is one of the main tourist attractions apart from the beaches, many are trying to escape from the cold winter of their country of origin, the native Dominicans complain a lot about the heat that can become suffocating in certain months and we value any fresh breeze that comes from the north between the months of October-January, sometimes we feel as if the sun is watching us through a magnifying glass, it is an eternal summer here.

My grandmother always said “God gives a beard to someone who does not have a jaw,” that means, someone has something that another person would like to have, but does not know how to take advantage of or enjoy, so to understand the climate of the Dominican Republic, I will describe you from my experience as a native, how is the weather here, so you can take advantage of the information according to your expectations.


August and September are the hottest months in Punta Cana.

In the same path of the Sun

We are definitely on the same path of the sun (read the Dominican poem there is a country in the world). One of the main characteristics of the climate in the Dominican Republic is the large number of hours of sunshine it receives. The capital Santo Domingo receives an average of 2,300 hours of sunshine per year. Punta Cana has even higher figures, during the year it receives 3,050 hours. Being one of the regions with more hours of sun in the whole world.

I recommend that you wear cotton clothes and a hat to protect your face so you can protect yourself from the Sun in Punta Cana, especially between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. If you want to tan, try to do it progressively day after day, and do not last over two hours exposed to the sun directly and remember to use a sunscreen with a protection index of 30 FPS or greater.

Near the beach the weather is different

The Dominican Republic is a relatively small island, and we are surrounded by water everywhere, humidity levels are around 80%, because of this reason you could get to feel the hottest and stickiest environment, but if you are staying near a coastal area like Punta Cana, the climate is different for the changes in pressures because of the difference in temperatures between water and land, both during the day and at night there is an abundant breeze, this helps to mitigate the effects of humidity and makes the climate feels very pleasurable.

This level of humidity so high can affect the hair of foreign women because it stretches and shrinks, I recommend that you bring a good anti-frizz shampoo.

Punta Cana rainy season

Punta Cana has a tropical climate all year round. In summers the amount of rain is fairly constant, while winter has very little rain. The month of the highest precipitation in Punta Cana is October, averaging 140 mm of rain.

The rainy season in Punta Cana covers the months from May to October, the chances of rain are greater during this time than the rest of the year. In addition, humidity sometimes exceeds 80%. Although the climate is warm and tropical during the summer months, June, July, and August can present temperatures above 31ºC, although the months with the highest temperatures are September and October, with a greater probability of rain precipitation, October is also the wettest month of the year.

if you plan a vacation in Punta Cana during the rainy season. It is very unlikely to rain without stopping for two days, therefore, do not worry about having a vacation ruined by the rains. The advantage of traveling in Punta Cana during the rainy season is that you can get flights at very good prices and resorts are not so crowded. However, it is not advisable to travel to Punta Cana, at the end of September and October, since the risk of hurricanes is higher.

The water temp in Punta Cana

Punta Cana Water Temp chart

Between the months of June to November is where there is greater warmth of the waters in punta cana, this season coincides with being the one with the highest probability of rain.

Punta Cana weather month by month

January Weather in Punta Cana

The weather in January is the best for a vacation in Punta Cana, it is the third driest month of the year, the ideal time to plan your trip. During the day the temperatures reach up to 28.3ºC, at night they descend to 21ºC. The average temperature is 24.6ºC.

February Weather In Punta Cana

February is the beginning of the high season in Punta Cana, this month offers perfect conditions for a vacation, after March, is the driest month of the year, the probability of rain is almost zero. During the day the temperatures reach up to 28.4ºC and it is mostly dry, at night they descend to 20.9ºC.

March Weather In Punta Cana

March is the month of the year where there is less chance of rain in Punta Cana, the sky looks bright and clear blue, the sun shines for 8.3 hours a day average. Even at night, the temperatures are warm, marking around 23ºC and 29ºC during the day.

April Weather In Punta Cana

April is the last month of the dry season so make the most of every sunny minute of your vacation. The daytime temperature is around 30.1ºC, the sun shines for about 8.4 hours a day and the climate is dry. Even the nights are warm with about 21.8ºC.

May Weather In Punta Cana

May is the month of transition towards the rainy season and It is one of the rainiest months not only in Punta Cana but throughout the country. Rainfall reaches up to 129 mm. The climate is still tropical but warm and humid at around 30ºC during the day and 22ºC at night. Despite being rainy, it is still an ideal month to enjoy a beach vacation.

June Weather In Punta Cana

At the beginning of June, the climate in Punta Cana is rainy and humid, reaching temperatures of 30ºC during the day and a little lower at night, around 24ºC. From mid-month, the rains fall gradually but it can still rain occasionally and temperatures remain stable.

July Weather In Punta Cana

In July the tropical climate stands out little rain, the July rainfall reaches 86 mm, the rains are usually of short duration, barely last one hour and then the sun returns to leave having an average presence of 7.4 hours a day.

August Weather In Punta Cana

August is the hottest month of the year in Punta Cana, humidity increases to over 80%, temperatures reach 31.5ºC during the day and 23ºC at night. It is always hot, and it rains often; the rainfall reaches 99 mm.

September Weather In Punta Cana

September is still a wet and rainy month in Punta Cana. This month there is a greater danger of hurricanes. Tropical temperatures remain around 31ºC during the day.

October Weather In Punta Cana

October is the month of the year with the highest probability of rain in Punta Cana, rainfall of up to 140 mm, this month the temperature falls slightly lowered compared to the previous months, the minimum temperature is 23.2º during the night and the maximum of 31.4º during the day.

November Weather In Punta Cana

In November the hurricane season ends in Dominican Republic, it is a month with high probabilities of rain, but in descent to previous months, rainfall reaches 113 mm. The humidity returns to normal, making the days much more bearable, the minimum temperature during the night reaches 22.5º and the maximum during the day 30.1º.

December Weather In Punta Cana

December is a month with very few chances of rain in Punta Cana, the sun shines on the highest, during the night the minimum temperature can reach 21.6º and during the day the maximum temperature reaches 28.7º.

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