The Pitsky Dog, A Unique Breed Of The Dominican Republic

/ / The Pitsky Dog, A Unique Breed Of The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has created its breed of dog with great pride before the world.

The Pitsky or Domini dog is the breed of dog that is booming in the Dominican Republic and is one of the most expensive worldwide, due to the number of tourists entering the country and have decided to seek these pets for their beauty and elegance.

It is also known that some famous Dominican athletes have acquired these animals for their dexterity and home care. The Pitsky breed is the result of a cross between the Pitbull and Husky breeds.

This breed is of Dominican origin, its visual characteristics such as the color of its eyes and coat have been of great attraction for many.

Their blue eyes are one of the most striking characteristics of the species, as well as the exotic color of their coats.

Origin of Pitsky dog breed

These dogs emerged in the 60’s, but their fame and search was not established until 2014, for this reason, these dogs usually cost about €1000 or more.

Thus, this breed has generated great receptivity, including, it is considered one of the greatest pride of the Dominican Republic at the pet level.

This is one of the most successful crosses that the Dominican Republic has had.

One of the most interesting considerations to take into account is its behavior, since perhaps something that worries people who want to acquire this breed, is to think that because they come from the Pitbull breed, these dogs will present hostile and dangerous behaviors.

The truth is that this is not so and on the contrary, the Pitsky breed is one of the most loyal and educated species of dogs.

So much so, that this breed can conserve its temperament for the moments when it is necessary, that is to say, that in spite of not being an aggressive dog (due to its Pitbull inheritance) it is possible to realize that if the situation warrants it, the Pitsky could adopt quite aggressive protection behaviors.

So it is necessary to take the distance if the situation deserves it, as these dogs will know how to behave in a situation in which they feel threatened.

These dogs are very active, in fact, most of their owners are sporty people.

Therefore, it is advisable to take into account the fact that these dogs are not recommended for those people who love to spend most of their day doing passive activities and little movement.

Educating Pitsky breed dogs

Thanks to the two cross breeds, these dogs are easy to train and to educate, as they learn in very fast periods of time, so that it is possible to train them without as many mishaps as possible.

Thus, this is a breed that, definitely, is very exotic for the users, both in visual and behavioral aspects.

The Pitsky’s have demonstrated that the practice of crossbreeding is one of the most interesting habits in society and it is not for less, since the Dominican Republic has much to thank to those responsible for this mating, since this breed is today one of the most sought after in the dog market.

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