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Whenever a commercial brand or a person calls their product “the best in the world” it is something that really borders on the absurd since this world is very big and tastes are very subjective.

But when talking about cigars, the specialists know that the best cigars in the world are found in the Caribbean, especially Cuba is distinguished for being the country with the best cigars.

I remember once many years ago at a summit of Latin American presidents, the Cuban president of that time Fidel Castro (RIP) told the Dominican president of that time, that “Dominican cigars are not that good”.

Fidel said it a bit jokingly and seriously, but the Dominican president immediately and seriously replied “They are better than the Cubans”…something that I found hilarious because everybody knows the quality of Cuban cigars. (Below I will leave the video of that interaction).

The interaction between the two presidents was not confrontational, but rather a super comical moment where everyone laughed.

The Dominican president at the time (Hipolito Mejia) was well known by Dominicans for “not having a filter on his tongue”.

But…and here, I am getting into the subject, not that I am a cigar fanatic, but today I overheard a conversation of several North American cigar lovers, where they mentioned with a lot of confidence that the best cigar in the world is from the Dominican Republic.

I was very surprised and did a little research, the cigar in question is the Cohiba Red Dot (I hope they pay me for the publicity), these cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic and from what I could investigate it really is among the best cigars in the world.

Cobiha is a famous Cuban cigar brand, but the Cohiba Red Dot is a Dominican brand, made in the Dominican Republic, distinguished by the red circle mark on its presentation.

Created in 1966, the Cohiba brand became famous among cigar aficionados both for the quality of its leaves from the Pinar del Río region in western Cuba and for being a favorite of then President Fidel Castro, who used to give it as a gift to distinguished visitors to the island.

If not the best, it is in the top 3 of many cigar lovers.

If you want to read an expert’s opinion about this cigar here is a link.

This is a short topic, otherwise, I had previously written a topic about cigars in the Dominican Republic.

Controversy over marketing of Cohiba Red Dot in the U.S.

This brand of cigars is sold legally in the United States, but Cuba considered a “blatant theft” the ruling of a U.S. commission that allows a U.S. company to sell the emblematic Cohiba cigars, but made in the Dominican Republic.

The island reacted to the latest ruling in a 16-year legal battle against Richmond, Virginia-based General Cigar Co. Inc. a subsidiary of Sweden’s Match AB, which markets the famed cigars in the U.S. market.

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