Are there Seagulls in the Dominican Republic? (Solved)

/ / Are there Seagulls in the Dominican Republic? (Solved)

Seagulls are birds that are distributed around the world wherever there are coasts or large expanses of water, they are very popular and are birds that are distinguished by being very intelligent and have a very varied diet.

In the Dominican Republic, you can observe several species of seagulls, although these birds are not endemic to the island, the gulls in the Dominican Republic are migratory birds that travel in large groups and last a long period of time during a certain season.

The seagulls found in the Dominican Republic are most likely to come from the north during the breeding season, avoiding the cold weather during the winter season.

Migratory birds are those that breed during the summer in the northern region, mainly in the USA and Canada during the months of May to September, spending the rest of the year in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, of which about 150 species travel to the Dominican Republic and Haiti from the neotropics or the tropical region of the American continent.

Although seagulls in many other cities could be cataloged as pests, this is not the case in the Dominican Republic, since in reality, it is difficult to see seagulls in ports or cities.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic is concerned about conserving the habitat of gulls that are passing through the country, which provides various fundamental benefits and ecological services to ecosystems.

Gulls are biological controllers, pollinate and disperse seeds, provide fertilizers to the soil, and are indicators of the health of ecosystems.

Where can you see seagulls in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is of great importance for migratory species such as the seagulls, due to the great diversity of terrestrial, lake, coastal and marine ecosystems that characterize it.

Among the most important areas where large numbers of these birds can be observed are the Cabral, Oviedo, Saladilla, Limón, Nisibón, Gran Estero lagoons, as well as Perucho and Lago Enriquillo, among others.

Seagulls can also be seen frequently on the coast of Saona Island, where some people who organize boat trips entertain themselves by feeding them along the way.

Types of seagulls in the Dominican Republic

Black-billed Gull (Sterna sandvicensis)

This is a very noisy gull species both in breeding colonies and when fishing. In flight, it emits a very typical noise, screeching and audible from a distance.

It is one of the most abundant and easily identifiable of the gulls that can be observed due to the black feathers on its head.

Its way of fishing is one of the most spectacular among all the species of its family, due to the height from which it dives between 10 and 15 meters.

Dusky gull, (Onychoprion fuscatus)

A typical migratory, mainly pelagic species of gull that spends long periods offshore, and comes close to the coast to breed.

This seagull breeds on islands throughout the equatorial zone. In winter it migrates mainly in the tropical oceans, appearing as a rare vagrant in the temperate zones of the planet such as the Mediterranean area.

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