Are Tasers and Pepper Spray Legal In The Dominican Republic? (Solved)

/ / Are Tasers and Pepper Spray Legal In The Dominican Republic? (Solved)

Taser and pepper spray are considered non-lethal self-defense weapons, have you ever wondered if it is legal to carry a non-lethal self-defense weapon in the Dominican Republic?

The use of these weapons is generally authorized at very low threat levels where the use of firearms is not required, sometimes appearing at the level immediately above verbal orders.

In the Dominican Republic, the use of taser and pepper spray weapons is totally legal under the regulations for the use of force by members of the National Police, and the general population is also authorized to use them for personal protection.

Rather, the regulations in the Dominican Republic on self-defense weapons are oriented mostly to firearms and knives, pepper spray and stun guns are not regulated.

According to the research I conducted with some lawyers in the country, this type of non-lethal self-defense is legal in the Dominican Republic, but it is important to be aware of the civil and legal responsibilities that come with the use of these devices when inflicting harm to third parties.

Pepper spray is considered one of the non-lethal weapons, the use of which is regulated in several countries, requiring licenses to the carriers.

In the case of the Dominican Republic, several lawyers point out the lack of regulation for these devices. The use of pepper spray and stun guns is permitted, as long as it is a personal measure in response to an attack.

If used as an element of aggression without proving self-defense this could get you in trouble with the law in the Dominican Republic.

In which situations can pepper spray or taser be used in the Dominican Republic?

Article 329 of the Dominican Penal Code establishes that legitimate self-defense is considered “when homicide is committed or wounds are inflicted, or blows are struck while repelling at night the climbing or breaking of houses, walls or fences,

Also, the breaking of doors or entrances of inhabited places, their dwellings or dependencies; or when the act is executed in defense of aggression of the perpetrators of robbery or plunder committed with violence”.

It also considers licit the use of pepper spray or taser guns, as long as they are not lethal, but reminds that whoever uses them bears civil liability for possible damages suffered by third parties.

Can you bring pepper spray or taser guns on the plane?

According to airline regulations, personal protection items, such as pepper spray, containing an irritant or neutralizing substances are prohibited in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Tasers also contain electrical devices that could pose a risk when transported on an aircraft.

In the Dominican Republic, you can purchase self-defense items without a permit in gun shops and authorized stores, and you can even purchase them through digital stores.

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